Love Comes SoftlyLOVE COMES SOFTLY, 2003

Based on the series of novels by Christian historical fiction writer Janette Oke, LOVE COMES SOFTLY was first aired on the Hallmark Channel. It tells the story of a young woman named Marty who travels with her new husband Aaron out west to make a home for themselves. Once there, however, Aaron unexpectedly dies, and a heartbroken Marty must now figure out how she will make it through the cruel frontier winter alone. For this reason she accepts the recently widowed Clarke's proposal, as a matter of survival. The two strike a deal, as he needs a mother for his daughter while she requires a roof over her head, and the pair agree that she will return home in the springtime. But love blooms during the cold months as this uncommon little family discuss important questions about life, love, and God, and struggle to help each other grow in the unfriendly winter environment.

CAMIE awards are beautiful solid bronze castings from a sculpture of a young woman named CAMIE for Character And Morality In Entertainment, recognizing uplifting motion pictures that provide a positive influence for good. For each film so honored, an individual CAMIE award is presented to the studio, director, producer, writer, and leading actors.

In fact, CAMIE stands for Character And Morality In Entertainment. We especially look for uplifting stories that provide positive role models for building character, overcoming adversity, correcting unwise choices, strengthening families, living moral lives, and solving life's problems with good decisions-realizing some lessons of life come with pain and sorrow.

To be eligible for a CAMIE, a motion picture must be presented with sensitivity and without gratuitous violence, offensive use of the names of deity, salacious nudity, sexual intimacy, "simulated-sex," or implications that sex outside of marriage is acceptable. Telling stories and entertaining without vulgarity and crudeness is strongly encouraged and is a factor as awards are considered.

Love Comes Softly was filmed at the legendary Cronin Ranch in El Dorado County.

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